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Photo: Blaise Bell

Bridal Hair and Makeup,

Male Grooming

Still you, just enhanced!

Specialising in glowy, natural makeup looks and modern, effortless hairstyles that leave you feeling like an enhanced version of yourself, our pro bridal makeup artists and hair stylists work with you to create your dream bridal look.

If you're a groom, or other, you deserve to look your best as well so we have you covered whether you're just after some deluxe skincare prep, tamed brows and hair or a full face. You can view more info on our grooming service here.


Minimum strictly 4 x adult services per artist/stylist

Minimum spend: $1,000


Minimum strictly 5 x adult services per artist/stylist

Minimum spend: $1,250

Please fill out our inquiry form to receive portfolios of our available artists and stylists as well as our price list.

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